DVD-RAM 5x burning in GSA-4163B without verification

Maybe it’s possible without modifying hardware or firmware.


But you have to choose Create Data Disc with the option enabled to use image files (.NRG.)

Interesting, what about .ISO files?

Just asking cos I don’t even own any DVD-RAM media despite having the GSA-4163 for the past few months.

With newer version of CD DVD Speed, you can use .NRG or .ISO files (or .IMG by renaming them to .ISO, in most cases).
However, I have tried this on a dvd-ram but with no success. My Panasonic dvd recorder sees dvd-ram as recordable media only, and does not play the movie. And I have no standalones that can play dvd-ram.

At the moment, I cannot get Nero CDSpeed to even recognise a DVD-RAM disc has been inserted to choose Create Data Disc, unless FAT32. :sad:

PS - I think I might need version 4.01??

Not necessary to have that option checked.

I think that burning RAM without verification sort of defeats the purpose of using RAM in the first place. :confused: But it’s still nice to have the option.

I was just playing with this, and every time I try to burn a RAM with an ISO, it completes than gives me this error. Anybody know what this is about?

The disc seems to function alright.

I meant to write user data (including DVD-Video) to DVD-RAM disks.

I thought so, but some users wanted to have an option to turn off/on verification like Panasonic DVD-RAM burners. I have only one 5x DVD-RAM and one 3x DVD-RAM media, haven’t tested in CD Speed 4.01 yet.

Hm… isn’t that Panasonic DVD recorder also a standalone that can play DVD-RAM?

Only if formatted to UDF 2.0 :wink:

Thanks, never knew that. I will try it out. :slight_smile:

Let me clarify that. It’ll recognize a UDF formatted disc, but will not see a movie on it if it’s in file format (IFO). It only plays the VRO format on RAM.
Also, formatted in UDF, your PC will not play a movie on RAM either, as the drive will be locked by the RAM driver. :frowning:

Ah OK, I just found out the same thing. :slight_smile:
I knew Nero Vision Express or TMPGEnc Express can create a DVD-VR on DVD-RAM that I can play on the Pana (or vice versa).
I’m not really interested in playing DVD-Video from DVD-RAM anyway, much easier and faster to use +/-R(W) for that purpose.

Since I couldn’t find the only 5x DVD-RAM at home, I used 3x media in GSA-4120/4160. 3x on a 3x DVD-RAM media works with verification turned off, but the Maxell 3x media bundled with LG GSA-4082B generated Error - INVALID… message at about 4GB. At least, good to know there’s one more thing for LG (or DVD-RAM.)