Dvd r880 recorder set up problem

hi everyone hope you are well,
i have recently bought the above model off ebay with no booklet [only found this out when delivered}and i am having mega problems setting it up.
it plays dvds but shoes no signal on the relevant channels {needs tuning]
and having tried to play with it ,in one box it asked for a code ,so i turned it off, and now it always shows an x on the channels, and the original box asking for the code does not even highlite now,i know im asking a lot but can anyone help me please,
thanks and take care shaun

Here’s the link for the UK manual for the DVDR880/051:


Obviously make sure the aerial is plugged in before trying to tune to the five analogue channels. The auto tune facility is found by pressing the ‘System’ button on the remote, then exploring the tools menu down the left hand side of the screen.

Cable boxes, Sky, and Freeview receivers can be recorded using the EXT2 SCART. If you can get it working let us know.