I’m using nero to burn a dvd. I’m used windows moviv maker to make a slideshow with some background music and a very special audio clip from family members for my sister Elizabeth who is going to have a baby. I decided the best way to present it and make copies is on a standalone dvd player. The problem is none of them will work in the dvd player…it’s sony it cannot be very old…it will either say playback prohibited by user limitions or no image or audio…sometimes they say blank…I’m using dvd-r discs and nero I’ve tried to use make video cd and aparently I didn’t have the right disc so it didn’t burn. Then I used make data dvd and it burned and worked on the computer but wouldn’t work on the dvd player. What am I doing wrong is it the type of disc or The options i’m using in nero or what?

I’m a beginner and do not know the big words and such…so if you know what’s wrong can you please exspain it like your writing in a making dvds for dummies book? (not literatly just step-by-step or please tell me what the vocabulary word means)

Thanks in advance :wink:


Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile: Although it’s not in the right section of the site, I’ll give it a go…

Did your version of Nero come with an application called NeroVision? [You will have to look in the Nero programs folder]. If so, that’s what you should use to make a DVD, not just the normal Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express.

Without trying to get too technical, a DVD for use in normal video players requires the video & audio to be put on the DVD in a certain way. NeroVision [and other applications] can do this. :slight_smile:


nope no nerovision I have:
nero back it up
nero cover designer
nero exspress
nero cd-dvd express
nero info tool

I do however have video dvd maker
It doesn’t work right either


Try DVD Flick, http://www.dvdflick.net/