Dvd R+



How can I book type a DVDR plus so It can be read on a DVD ROM.


It all depends on what DVD writer you have, what release of firmware & what burning software you use.
However, a DVD-ROM should have no problem reading it as a DVD R+.


I burn all my files on DVD R- and my DVD Rom was able to read the files but not on DVD R+. Why?

I used Momorex DVD dual format 8X
and Nero


As TimC said what for a burner you’ve?


Memorex DVD R+/- RW True 8X External Drives.


I’m not really sure if your drive supports bitsetting, there are some memorex
burners that have this function and some others not. Do you tried it with the
latest firmware for your drive?


I have never changed the book type of my +R discs, most TY, some other (not for my archive), and I only use +r - and they play in dvd players costing £40 from el’ cheapo stores to expensive makes.


Could be that you have a batch of the old Memorex that are made in Taiwan. Those pieces of crap are CMC Mags. They got smart and started making them in India and they are Moser Baer’s which is pretty damn good media.



I’ve had great success by bitsetting +r dvd’s to -ROM. Haven’t had a failure yet… That is all I intend to burn from now on.


Thats all I’ve done for approx. the last 200 or more burns is bitset!!


How exactly do you book type a dvd +/r to DVD ROM? this is all new to me. Is this what makes the media readable on all stand alone dvd players? I have burned a dvdr and in works on the dvd player in my room but it does not work on the dvd player in my living room.


@ Ade007
If your drive supports bitsetting, just set before burning to Dvd-Rom.
You could do this with nero for example or other tools like dvdinfopro, kprobe,
dvddecrypter etc.!


Looks like there are three different versions of that drive. Each one having a different OEM manufacturer and different firmwares available from the memorex site.

The difference seems to be the write speeds for cd’s.
Maybe you could match the one you have to the listing at the videohelp page to see if your particular writer supports bitsetting.



When you say “set before burning to Dvd-Rom”, using dvd decrypter do I go to settings, ISO write mode, options and set to dvd?

Can dvd shrink do this too? Also, does the plextor 716 support bitsetting?


right next to the speed drop down box there’s a little icon of an open book, click that. alternatively you can go to the drive settings dialog.

PX716 does support bitsetting. install Plextools Pro (which came with your drive), update via the download at www.plextools.com, and control bitsetting and numerous other features of your drive so the settings apply to all applications.


In DVD Decrypter, when I go to tools, change book type, select Plextor, the drop down list shows only DVD+R and DVD+R Double Layer media. I’m looking to set it to DVD ROM right?

Also, if I change the bit setting will it go back to the default setting or does it always have to be set to Plextor settings above?


the drop down is for you to choose which disctype to bitset. choose the appropriate one and it will offer you another drop to set booktype to DVD-ROM.

do you have Plextools installed? the bitsetting is stored in the physical drive and is only set by software, not dependent on it.


Right, just change to dvd-rom, dvd decrypter says then succesfully changed or
something like that. Also look that in plextools the option for changing booktype
is checked, just to be sure. If you’re going to the next step for example burning,
the setting will not be lost.


I tried setting my dvd writer to dvd rom on plextools but the only option I have is to set it to dvd r+ but nothing for dvd-rom. I already have dvd r+ media. Can I do this with dvd shrink? If so, how can I do this?

On dvd decrypter, the only option I see is when I go into tools, drive and the options are only dvd r+ or dvd double layer not just dvd-rom. Am I missing something here? I am trying to get my dvd media to play on both my dvd players. The player thats not working is an older one (SonyDVPS7000).


Just my opinion…
I wouldn’t buy a drive that didn’t support bitsetting. DVD+R’s bitset to DVD-ROM have worked on every drive I tried them on. Can’t say the same for -R’s. They worked on my PS2 and on an RCA standalone ok but not on my Toshiba standalone. They either took a long time to read or could not be read at all, whereas the +R’s (set to DVD-ROM) played flawlessly. I am guessing that there will be other drives also that don’t fully support the -R format unlike the most compatible DVD-ROM format. That’s been my experience anyway with movie backups unless my BenQ 1620 is just a poor -R burner.