My Name is Jean and I live in Grand Prairie Texas. I have 15 grandkids and 1 great grandkid. I am Married to a retired Marine and have a giant schnauzer named Mattie Lee Ferguson aka Mattie who weighs 110 pounds and a Yorkshire Terrier named Princess Margaret aka Maggie who weighs 5 pounds. I am glad to be here and hope you can help me. I had no problem reading The Manchurin Candidate but when I try to burn it keeps sayin there is no recordable disc. I am trying to use a DVD+R to write the video. I have a sony CDVD for the reading part and a plextor 24X48X24 to write it.I also use clone cd to back up my cd+g’s and have no problem burning them…What am I doing wrong…HELP!!!

Maybe you better try to burn it on DVD-recorder,not on CD-R recorder? Plextor 24X48X24 is only CD-r recorder. Or maybe i don’t understand something? You are trying to backup DVD-movie,arn’t you?

[off topic] Very nice name for your dog! :slight_smile:

Lol i was wondering how long it would take for somebody to try this!

To burn DVD with CD-r recorder? :))

got it in one :iagree:

I hat off to the man who has 15 grandkids and want to learn how to burn DVD’s! :wink:

djfritz, welcome to the forum.

Your Plextor 48X24X48 can only burn CDs, not DVDs. You need a DVD burner to burn DVDs.

Can you tell us what is your Sony “CDVD” model number?

I agree with everyone here look into a dvd burner without one you will have to do some major compression or convert over to vcd format and possably loose menu’s etra’s and so on a regular dvd is just alot bigger then a cd.

welcome to the forums good to see someone else from Texas(Im in Dallas)

Thanks for your reply…I guess I wasn’t very accurate with what I needed…I am tryiny to back up a DVD (Manchurin Candidate) …I copied it with no problem…Now I need to burn it…I have a sony dvd rom for reading and I have a plextor 24X48X24 for burning…I am trying to burn it using a DVD+R disc…I am using anydvd and I also have clone dvd software but when I click write DVD the box comes up and says I need to insert a recordable disc…My question is am I tryig to burn to the wrong kind of DVD blank…I have been at this all day…been in the search forums and can find nothing on this…

Okay I see what everyone is saying now…Duh!!! I need a DVD writer and all I have is a CD Writer…LOL…OMG!!! Man they have something different for every little thing you want to do…Took me forever to find a writer to write cd+g’s…so now if I want to back up my movie library I have to buy a DVD writer…okay…makes sense…Thanks guys I appreciate your patience with me…I know a little but not nearly enough…but at 60 I still have time to learn…I hope…LOL…

LOL…not quiet…I am a grandmother

Hi Dallas…good to see a neighbor on board…I Lived in Dallas for 35 years…moved here 3 years ago…To be quiet honest I’d rather be in Dallas if it wasn’t for The Mayor there…

yes your right Miller is not the best.You see the news last week when Lipscomb was bashing her? That was great but i dont care for him either.

Watch out in the Fry’s ad in the Dallas Morning news they come out with sales papers every Monday, Wednesday, Friday,Saterday, and Sunday. Fridays is usually the best. You can always find decent deals in there but i would stay away from some of there dvd’s unless you know what you are looking at. Some dvd players can be picky. Keep an eye out in the bargin basement here you can find some good deal as well as the other forums will inform you alot about what is average, good, great or best.

good luck with your burning

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Welcome to the forum! My folks are your age, and they are just now celebrating their first grandkid. My father was reluctant to attempt anything with computers, until he saw the possibilities for loading up photo albums and DVDs with endless pictures and videos, and emailing everyone with endless bragging! Kudos for jumping in with both feet.