DVD -R writing on 4163?



I’m comtemplating buying the LG 4163 as a backup burner to go with my BENQ 1620 (on the way). I’ve heard conflicting reports about the ability of the 1620 to burn -DVD’s leaning more towards “not” being able to burn well. I have my sights set on the 4163 or the NEC 3520, but I need to be able to burn -DVD’s as backup’s for my kids (their burner takes - dvd’s). I really want the 4163 cause I can get the retail with logo, bitsetting and better availability of official fw. Should I be concerned? It seems most of the media tests shown here are for + media. I wouldn’t mind having one writer better at + and another better with - media (call me weird :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts :confused:


Yes. :wink:


I write DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs on my LG 4163 and it does all superbly.



thanks for the reply. What media are you using? I’m leaning towards Taiyo Yuden - dvd 8x media, but am looking to get a supply of + since it looks like most people favor + for better quality burns. Please correct me if I’m mistaken. All these scans have my head spinning. Also, I can buy Taiyo Yuden branded media without having to figure out who makes the media like Verbatim/ Fuji, etc.

thanks for your input


I have been using only DVD-R with the LG so far and can only say, it is okay, maybe even good. No problems, no damages discs, and they do work well on my laptops old Toshiba SD-C2402 drive. So nothing to worry about. BTW I use Verbatim DVD-R 8x (MCC 02RG20) right atm and no problems with them, especially if compared to the Samsung TS-H552B which only produced crappy burns.

I own an BenQ DW1620 since yesterday, too, and they are great together. The LG for DVD-RAM (unique I think) and the BenQ for testing, and both for fast and quite good writing quality. IIRC a NEC 3500 would be a little bit better than the LG if you dont need DVD-RAM, not sure about the 3520. I like both the BenQ and the LG, but heard good things about NEC 3500 as well.

Never tried +R DL btw, so cannot tell you anything about that …




thanks so much for your help. I just received my Benq - right after I order the LG, so I have some new toys to play with. :slight_smile: I also ordered some Verbatim 8x + media. You said the - media is good also? I may have to amend my order :wink:

thanks again


Nothing to worry of … I think you will be satisfied with both! For me the schoolyard test is the old Tosh I own, whatever it reads well is ok for me as it has crappy error correction and is old enough that DVD-R is not mentioned in the manual!

With TY media many ppl on this forum have very good to excellent results, so if you can get them, do it :wink:

Have fun with those (& I think you will!)



Hi fsh42na

I have used Taiyo Yuden Unbranded 8X DVD-R (TY G02) with excellent results and also Verbatim 8X DVD-R (MCC 02RG20) with similarly excellent results. I mostly us the Verbatim now as they are cheaper.


Hm. In Seoul, MCC 8x cost 30-50% more than TY 8x.


Hi Kenshin

Here in the UK the prices are reversed:

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R = £0.50 each
Verbatim 8X DVD-R = £0.32 each


My Philips 1640 (rebadged BenQ 1620) with the latest B3.2 firmware has no problems burning dvd-r media.

I use TY, Sony, Maxell and TDK, although some only burn at 12x


Thanks so much for all your replies! My mind is put at ease now since I need to be able to burn +/- reliably. Only problem now is trying to explain why I need so MUCH and so many DIFFERENT dvd media lying around :smiley: Oh well, if you believes my reason to have 35 different fishing poles, then I guess I can come up with a believable reason for the media.

Wish me luck :wink:

Now off to my next project - learning to interpret all those graphs :confused:

Thanks again


Well, as I posted already… do anyone has experience with TTG01 (good old) media? I like to see some k-probe scans… if available or anywho knows how is it burning on 4163… 8x perhaps ?


LG drives don’t overspeed 4x media, so TTG01 will burn at its rated speed of 4x. 4x burning generally is uneventful with most drives.