Dvd-r writing error

i am having writing problem with my dvd-r.i have moser baer dvd’s.i have attached the error log.i have tried burning on many dvd’s but it still gives the problem

i have tried to burn dvd 5 times but it is giving the same error.i have used many kind of firmwares and different media but it is still giving the same error.i also used different burning software like nero,roxio,dvd-decrypter,cheetah dvd,paragon etc but of no use.i have attached the error log.pls help me for this problem as i am very confused on how to resolve this problem.thx in advance.

DVDDecrypter.txt (2.94 KB)

Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)

This usualy means bad media. Do you have any other media you can try? Please do not open another thread on the same topic.

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