DVD-R write at 8x with 811S?is this possible?

I’ve got a dvd-+rw 811s and i have a question:
With an upgrade of firmware, will the 811s write dvd-t at 8x??



Anyone have any “inside” info on this?

Sure would be nice of them, or will they go the route of Plextor and sell a new drive?

I’ve heared no (internal) rumours about 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW, so I doubt that it will happen.

But some OEM’s (like Norcent) promised 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW support for this drive, so we may hope that these OEM’s push Lite-On to develop a firmware supporting it.

But right now it seems more like a “No it won’t be supported for the LDW-811S/851S”.