DVD-R would not play on DVD Player

Friends: Hellllllllllllllooooooooooo, I am new here so please excuse my stupid question. I recently bought a 4X LG DVD burner and burned a movie on a DVD-R General disk which was stored on my hard drive. The movie plays back well on my computer but would not play on my DVD player. The player keeps telling me it cannot play the disk and insert a different medium. Any ideas how I can work this out? Thanks a lot.

what brand of DVD-R media are you using, i am 99% sure it is the make of media.

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maybe try a firmware update too . . .if available

Before making a decision on which burner to buy, I contacter the mfg of my stand alone DVD player and asked them what formats of DVD recordable media it will read.
They told me that DVD+R and DVD+RW are the only formats it will read.
They also said it needs to be burned at a constant bitrate.

Contact the MFG of your player and ask them what DVD recordable media it supports.

Hope this helps

I have the lg4040b burner and it is very picky about media, I tend to have no problems as long as I stick with rytek media.

PS: I did a bios upgrade to A304 and had major problems so I went back to A301

Thanks for your help guys: The DVD-R is a Samsung so I guess a good brand name. It says DVD-R General. My burning software is EasyCD and DVD Creator 6 by Roxio. My DVD Player is a Panasonic PV-D4743 and it says it supports DVD-R (DVD-Video formatted discs [finalized])…whatever that means. Any more ideas??? Thanks a lot folks.

Try to use another software for backing up movies (DVDShrink, AnyDVD/CloneDVD2, etc.) and a good -R media. Samsung is a good brand name, but that does not mean anything, you have to check it with DVDIdentifier. Panasonic is known to prefer -R media.

Thanks a lot for your kind help guys. Like you said, I just have to browse around and find the right media which would burn and also play on my deck. Thanks again!!!