DVD+R wont register?

Hi guys. Im desperate ive been trying to burn movies for the last couple of days, i finally worked out all of the software and decryption and then i come to insert the blank dvd+r into my computer and it wont register. Yes i have a dvd burner and my computer is not old it is a Dell Inspiron 6000 any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Most probably the reason it won’t ‘register’ is because it’s a blank disc. What burning application do you propose to use?

I am currently using Clone Dvd2. When i click on D drive it says there is no disk in drive d and when i have ripped the dvd to my computer i put my blank dvd in and click “write” but it says theres is no disk in there???

Can you tell us what the make and model number of your burner is…?

its a phillips CDRW/DVD SCB5625. thankyou for helping me

This is a DVD-ROM unit. You won’t be able to burn a DVD with it, unfortunately.

I just grabbed my invoice from dell and it says on the list of components that it included 1 Internal 24X Max dvd/cd-rw combination drive. Or does this just mean it can play dvds with a cd burner???

Yes, essentially. As you see it’s what’s known as a ‘combination’ or ‘combo’ drive. You can read and write CDs but only read DVDs.

I agree it is very misleading: why they don’t call it a ‘DVD-ROM’ is beyond me :rolleyes:, since the implication within the phrase “DVD/CD-RW” is that both read and write features are available for DVD just as they are for the CD. Once you get to know these things a bit better, it seems more obvious because there isn’t a maximum writing speed quoted for DVD (the 24x is for CDs).

However, that doesn’t help you much now. You might consider to buy a burner in an external case and connect to the laptop (by USB-2 or preferably Firewire (IEEE1394) if you have such a port on the Dell).