DVD-R won't play on DVD player that plays them

Okay, so in my 120 minute thread I talk about burning a very small bitrate sample so I can see how it looks on my TV. I go smaller the better and take a 10 second sample from a video. The whole Video_TS comes out to be 29 MB. So I burn it and it takes FOREVER, but it says successful. Then I put it into my DVD player which plays movies from Shrink on the exact same media, and it just makes funny noises and ejects.

So, is the amount burned the problem? Is there a “standard minimum”?

I think there actually is a minimum size, as I’ve noticed in Nero a “force DVD compatibility” thingy and it concerns the amount of data. I’ll take a look at this and report.

This said, the “takes forever” part bugs me. Not normal.

Couldn’t find it anymore in Nero, but found it in Smart DVD/CD burner:

What is “DVD High Compatibility Mode”?
The DVD High Compatibility Mode is used to aid compatibility with certain DVD drives and players (by padding the disc with dummy data to a minimum of 1GB), but it will greatly increase the burning time. You should enable this option only if you encountered incompatibility issues with some DVD drives/players.

Check if your soft has this option.