DVD-R with Menus and Chapters



Just a few Q’s…

  1. I have the Nimo Codec pack and the K-lite pack installed should i ditch the nimo one? Read it can kill ur PC?

  2. I have Multiple files(DivX), how do i put multiple divx files on on DVD, do I have to join them and then add in chapters? Or is there another way?

  3. If i have to add in chapters, how would i go about doing so? Im a newb so any guides you could send my way or help would be greatly appreciated!!(Same for a start up menu and such)

  4. Will this dvd boot right into the movie or can I add in a screen to choose from chapters or play from start, or is this just 2 much work?

  5. I also have a bunch of .ogm files with dual audio and subtitles(its an anime) anyways how do i put these .ogms onto a dvd in the same manner as above? And will i be able to retain the dual audio and subs? Do i need to convert to something else?

Thanks I appreciate any help you can give.