DVD +R will noy play in dvd player but -R and +R DL will

DVD +R will not play in my dvd player but DVD -R and DVD +R DL will play.
what gives?

Some dvd players do not like dvd+r media. Especially older dvd players. I had the same problem. Some dvd+r media will not play on my old dvd player. See if you can change the book type to dvd rom.

Mr.Bill :iagree:

please provide your model of dvd player and dvd burner. :slight_smile:

example… (player) magnavox MWD7006 and (burner) Pioneer 115D. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks troy

dvd player - Cyberhome ch300
Burner - Pioneer 117d

If you could post a few burn logs, both from the +R SL that won’t play as well as the +R DL media that do play, it’d help a great deal.

You didn’t specify any particular app (I think you’ve mentioned platinum in the past ?), burn engine, etc., etc.

If it’s VSO…
The default location is:
C:\Documents and Settings[I]Administrator Name[/I]\My Documents\DVDFab\Log

please read this information from videohelp.com pertaining to your dvd player.

i could not find info of the dvd burner. :frowning: maybe someone knows bitsetting capabilities. :slight_smile: are you on a MAC? for PC seems this is a DVD-ROM?? :confused:

seems this was a moderatly priced 40 to 60 dollar player (depending when you purchased) not always is cheaper better. :wink: id get a new low priced player that supports divx and mp3. mine plays more media than higher priced dvd players. :iagree: (in my experience)


edit// any futurecast available???

NT2 or Rambo???

edit///// yes please provide a burn log.

hows it going maineman. but i didnt ask here.

I’m on a PC.

I bought my dvd player on sale for $30 at Target. Here’s a link from amazon on it.

Hi :slight_smile:
According to the info for the “dvd player - Cyberhome ch300”.
It should play DVD+R media as well.
Can only suggest you try bitsetting or burning @ lower speed.
Even both.
If MCSE supports your Pioneer 117D, then you can patch the f/w to have auto bitsetting.
See [B][U]here[/U][/B]:

I just looked at my burner and it’s a Pioneer 112d

I’m burning at 8x

[quote=sneakers;2059742]I just looked at my burner and it’s a Pioneer 112d

I’m burning at 8x[/quote]

Hi :slight_smile:
I thought 117 was wrong. :bigsmile:
Then try bitsetting.
Although the Cyberhome in theory shouldn’t need this.
It is worth a try.

[QUOTE=troy512;2059649]hows it going maineman. but i didnt ask here.[/QUOTE]
Hey Troy…goin’ pretty well. Trying to keep up with the honey-do-list and staying stocked up on the pixie dust and magic wands…:stuck_out_tongue:
Howzabout you?

Here’s some info about that drive as well.