DVD+R Which one do you prefer?

Genuine Taiyo Yuden
Sony 1-8x (Made In Japan ~ TY)
Verbatim 8x (Made In Taiwan ~ MCC)
Some Other Media

Surely genuine Taiyo and sony made in japan.

verbatims are also good discs, but MIJ are better

We are not allowed to make a poll?

Because even if you make a poll I can tell you the answers ahead of time. Taiyo Yuden + first Verbatim second and Maxell and Ritdata running neck and neck. Worldwide there are probably more dash users than + users. But in the USA I think + is preferred.

I’m trying to see if the sony DVD+r discs are just as good as real Taiyo Yuden.

there has already been a poll. and this questions has be posted a dozen times in different ways. :frowning:

I see. I tried to search but allot of jibberish came up, so I thought I’d find out by asking. Sorry about the poll that was in error.