DVD R/w shows zero bytes

Hello everyone,

I burned some data on a DVD R/W disc using Sonic DLA software that came installed on my Dell inspiron laptop from Dell. I formatted the dvd disc and burned data which includes pictures, office applications files etc.

Recently my hard drive got crased and I ordered a replacement drive from Dell. Now installing all the softwares again, I tried to read the DVD disc which have all the data I copied earlier. The computer shows it as o bytes. I can not view all the information I burned on the DVD.

Is there any way I can check the data on my dvd disc? Is it related to some issue of making the disc compatible? I am not sure how to get back my important data :frowning:

Any help greatly appreciated.


maybe you need to install the driver. that’s how your system recognize your hardware.

Try Isobuster and welcome to CDF

Guys thanks for the replies.

As for the driver, I have installed all the drivers required. And since the drive play other DVD disc, I believe driver is not the issue.

I will look for IsoBuster as advised by Jeff. I will search for that program on internet. Will post again here and update about that. Right now I am at work so will try that in the evening.

And thanks for welcoming on this great forum. Atleast got some replies to my problem. Keep it up guys.