DVD-R(W) finalization problem

Problem with DVD-R(W) finalization. Using NeroCom 1.5 and NeroBurningROM 6.6. Using ISO (NeroDrive->BurnIsoAudioCD()). I successfully burn and import DVD-R and DVD-RW (ISO and VMS). But problem with FINALIZATION:

  1. Blank DVD-R burned w/o NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION option, but it finalized in real! Non full disc becomes not writable.
  2. Virtual Multisession DVD-RW can not be finalized. I burn with NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION, but disc leaves writable.
    Code is attached.

Your code reveals the possible problem. You should really have reverse logic there. If you want to finalize the disc, you should omit the flag, while if you want to just close the last session, the flag should be used. You seem to have misinterpreted the purpose of the flag.

Thank you! I exchange NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION and 0. DVD-R finalization works properly now.
But DVD-RW with VMS does not finalized regardless of NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION option. Is finalization of DVD-RW is possible?

As far as I know DVD+/-RW are always finalized, regardless you close only the session or entire disc.

I have problem with finalization of DVD-RW. I can’t finalize disc anywhere. Virtual multisession don’t permits finalization of disc.
But Nero Burning ROM can finalize DVD-RW, if burn first session only. IMHO It’s burn it w/o VMS. Nero Burning ROM can not finalize disc after second and other session (VMS).
How finalize DVD-RW with burn first session using NeroCOM only?