DVD R/W drive suddenly not reading pressed DVDs



I have been making back-ups of my DVDs with no problem. (Using DVDShrink and Nero). Suddenly, the drive (Philips DVD±RW DVD8631) will not recognize the presense of the original (pressed, commercial) DVDs. It reads the copies (DVD+R) of the DVDs I already copied just fine. But not the original (or pressed DVDs that I haven’t copied yet). It does not recognize the original through DVDShrink, PowerDVD, Windows Media Player, etc. (It is also reading CD-ROM and CD audio just fine.)

Rebooting the computer does not solve the problem. The drive properties (device manager) are set to region one, as it should be.

The entire PC is a Dell that’s just a few weeks old. I had only backed up 4 DVDs (all over the past couple days), before it suddenly stopped reading pressed DVDs.

I do not know if the drive uses the same laser to read pressed (dual layer) DVDs and single layer DVD+Rs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Yes, it uses the same laser, hence why you have an odd problem. I’d suggest to re-install the drive and upgrade firmware if possible. Have you tested other dvdroms ?


There was one guy on the forum asking the same question only reversed. His would read and play movies but wouldn’t recognise a data or music cd. He tried it on a friends computer and it did the same thing. He returned the drive for another and that fixed the problem