Does anyone know the difference between a DVD-R & DVD-RAM?

Also if you have one of these can you copy a DVD movie?


DVD-RAM is mega lame
it is completely incompatible with other DVD players, DVD-ROMs, etc.

DVD-R is write-once, usually 4.7GB, compatible with most players (home systems and DVD-ROMs), there are 2 types, DVD-R Authoring and DVD-R General. The general version is more common.

DVD-RW is re-writable (approx 1000 times), 4.7GB, based on DVD-R. This is the re-writable format the Pioneer DVR-A03 and Panasonic LF-D311 use.

DVD+RW is re-writable (approx 1000 times), 4.7GB, slightly more compatible than DVD-RW with existing equipment. Discs can be written using CLV and CAV (other formats can only use CLV), which means it is better for storing data (CAV means faster access times). DVD+RW can currently be recorded at 2.5x speed, while DVD-RW is currently limited to 1x. Also, DVD+RW includes built-in Mt. Rainier support (DVD+MRW) which gives improved packet writing support. (The HP DVD100i, Philips DVDRW208, and Ricoh MP5120A use this format.)

DVD+R will be out early next year. It is write-once, 4.7GB, based on DVD+RW.

In short, it appears DVD+RW is the best re-writable format, but that doesn’t guarantee it will win out. (See VHS vs. BETAMAX)

Good explanation! But what exactly is DVD-RAM then? (Except for being Mega Lame… ;))

Thanks Nutsack.

Do you know if you can copy an actuall DVD movie onto a DVD-R?

DVD-RAM can store data but you can’t take the disc out of the DVD-RAM drive and read it anywhere else (with very few exceptions).

You can copy movies onto the other formats provided that (1) you have a way to get around the CSS encryption (i.e. DeCSS), and (2) the movie fits onto a 4.7GB blank, which is the most that any of the writable DVD formats will hold. Double-sided blanks will be available (~9GB), but there will not be dual-layer blanks, which is the way many DVD movies are recorded.

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DVD-RAM can store data but you can’t take the disc out of the DVD-RAM drive and read it anywhere else (with very few exceptions).
Would’t a HDD be handier then? :confused:

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Would’t a HDD be handier then? :confused:

A HD in a bracket would be handier, yes. (and cheaper!!) The only thing is that you would have to reboot if you would want to use it elsewhere. If you’d want to use a DVD-RAM disc in another DVD-RAM drive (don’t know if it plays in a normal DVD player) you WON’T have to reboot the sys. That’s the advantage, but if it’s worth the price?! :confused:

I don’t think it’s possible to copy dvd movie to a dvd-r because the “cheap” dvd-r the track where the css protection is located is already burened.

I checked it on pioneer dvd-r an a noname dvd-r, i own a pioneer a03 dvd writer.