I have just ordered my first dvd burner, and am looking at what DVD discs to get. I see there are two main formats, +R and -R.

Are there any pros & cons between these formats?. I will be using these to store ripped .wav files as data. BTW I got a BenQ DW1655 and will be trying TY media. Thanks

They are of course different, but these differences are minor these days.

DVD-RAM were first, then came DVD-R, DVD-RW and then DVD+RW, then came DVD+R, then DL formats…

There is a whole thread dedicated to this in the media section of the forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103718

I find them both fine, a few years ago it mattered somewhat on the DVD player that was use to watch the movie (in using for video. I use + 90% of the time just out of habit.

Thanks. I’ll check out that thread too.