This is not what you think. I’m not asking you which is better. I am asking you to ask which is better! Say what? Read on…

I am wondering about what the general public is told about recordable DVD formats. So I propose we do a little social experiment:
Next time you walk into your favorite retailer, be it COmpUSA, BestBuy, etc., pretend you know nothing (or next to nothing) about DVD discs and formats and ask the questions a regular consumer might ask. Questions such as:

  • What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?
  • Which is better, which should I buy?
  • Why?
  • How long does 4X take to burn? 8x? 12X?

It’s especially important to follow up the answers with more questions. For example, if the sales person tells you “DVD+R is newer,” it is safe to ask “does that mean it’s better, then?” As long as you don’t pretend to know anything yourself, ask anything - “stupid questions” are actually encouraged! Also ask about set-top compatibility and any other issue you feel like. Then report here, with store, location (can be general, like “Kansas,” or specific “Joe @ Circuit City on 79th & Broadway”), etc.

Let’s see what the general public is fed. Sound interesting?

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I was shopping for a deal on 8x Fuji at Best Buy in Miami, and listened in on a Q & A session between a REAL joe public newbie and the Best Buy salesperson.

It was the blind leading the blind.

First question asked: which one is for burning movies? (He was looking at CD-R’s). The salesperson got that one right, pointing to the Verbatim “movie real” packaging of a DVD-R 5 pack.

Then the customer wanted to know the difference between “R” and “RW” media. Here the salesperson wasn’t on the ball, answering with a shrug saying it was just a different standard.

Then, “Why is this one so much more expensive”, as he picked up a 3 pack of DVD-RAM. Here the salesperson correctly cautioned him it probably wasn’t for his drive, but wasn’t able to determine what drive the customer owned.

No one ever got around to discussing the difference between “+” and “-” media - many never really notice it IMO.

After another minute or two alone, after the salesperson was called away on another customer’s question, the customer was about to leave with a pack of CD-R, primarily because of the price.

I couldn’t help myself; I jumped in with a few suggestions, including the URL to this site.

@ JVene…lol…I’ve been witnessed to many of those …at least one sales guy told one customer it wasn’t his department and admitted he knows little about dvd media.

@MasTRE intresting

I remember being told “because the 9800se has a molex input it is hardware driven rather than software driven” i didnt have the heart to tell the guy he was talking out of his arse and it only had it to provide more power to the card, but it gave me a cheap laugh :slight_smile:

Yup, I learned a long time ago that the so-called “experts” at retail stores, usually aren’t any more help than HP’s tech support. I’m sure glad I never let that guy talk me into purchasing a horribly overpriced HP200i + format only burner (this was a couple of years ago). I waited another few weeks and got a relabeled 4x Pioneer 105 @ almost $100 less. Been thanking myself for the decision ever since.