DVD-R vs. DVD+R(booktyped)



I’m wondering what would be better for compatibility, DVD-R or DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM??? Do DVD-R’s still have more compatibility over a booktyped DVD+R? Also it seems to be the consensus that DVD+R’s are slightly better than DVD-R’s, what do you guys think?? Thanks.


Generally speaking, DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM is compatible with more standalone DVD players than even DVD-R. That’s because DVD-R cannot be booktyped at all (the booktype of DVD-R is actually permanently set within the “grooves”). However, not all burners that support DVD+R can booktype such discs.


I’m wondering because I have the Samsung SH-S182M, which can be booktyped. I just wodered what would be better for me to get for quality AND compatibility? Thanks


I’m not too familiar with the booktyping feature on that particular Samsung drive, especially since I have never worked with Samsung DVD drives. The booktype features on some drives automatically reset to the default value no matter what.


I already burned one and on Nero cd/dvd speed it said:

Current disc type: DVD-R
Current book type: DVD-ROM

So it works, right??? I might have to set it each time I burn though, not sure yet.

So you would say it is better to go the +R way and booktype it for quality and compatibility, correct. Thanks for your replys


You cant set booktype for -R’s only +r’s. I have uses both in my samsung and it writes them both very well and both play on everything I have. (5 different standalones and 3 different computers. I cannot tell whether -r or +r is better.


My mistake, I meant to type +R.


Discussed to death…

It is useless, because all that is THEORETICAL and the only thing that counts is practice!

You will never find ANY (re)writeable format or media that is “compatible” with all or most of all devices.
Never ever.


For quality and compatibility, I’d say get a good brand of discs that work well with your writer and forget about booktypes etc. I’ve never had a player that refused -R and only played +R. Of course, I use verbatim media, which is considered the best media around.


There’s probably a load of idiots out there that did tests and found +R to be more compatible, but if you are comparing a load of -R and a load of +R media all of different manufacturers, you’d find that -R is a bit more common in stores and the quality can be worse since there are more of them.

I’d only ever trust a test that included ONLY one type of media for their + and - comparison. Verbatim for example. If they compared MCC03RG20 and MCC004 in 150 different dvd players and found MCC004 to be more compatible, then I might believe the result. Only of course if they also tested all burnt discs on professional quality scanning equipment as well just to make sure the results weren’t caused by bad burns instead of the + or - format.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that a really well burnt disc should work fine regardless of format/booktype. Unless it’s Dual layer media. That’s a whole other story.