DVD-R Video skipping and DVD-RW not running on DVD player

Hi folks! I am a n00b on the forum, and I am seeking help on some issues I’ve been having when converting and burning movies to DVD format so I can watch on the TV (can’t stand watching things on the computer…).

I am using WinAVI 7.6 to convert (and merge subtitles) movies from .avi to DVD format, and using Nero to burn it to a disc.

Sometimes when I burn to DVD-R media, the movie skips (on some movies is more frequent, like the whole movie, than others when it happens far less times). When I use DVD-RW media, it happens more frequently. I am using a Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz, 1Gb DDR2 RAM with a 7200rpm drive. Which part of the job is most likely to create this error? The converting or the burning?

Also, on some RW media, the DVD play stops recognizig the media, which means that it worked once or twice on that player, and after the third or fourth burn the DVD player won’t recognize it anymore. On that point, it is happening also to my DVD drive… after I use the disc a few times, the DVD drive stops recognizing it. It happened to DVD-RW Sony Accucore media and DVD-RW LG media as well. If it is the media, can anybody tell me what media is the best one to use? Also, which one is better, -RW or +RW?

A lot of questions, huh? Thanks!

You should probably check the files you convert on the computer first, before burning to disk. Playing off the hard drive any skips, pixelation, or other flaws you see will probably be caused by your conversion process, unless they exist already in the avi’s.

Using good media may help with the skipping problems, and certainly won’t hurt. Stick with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim brand blank dvds whenever possible. HP brand 16x +R dvds would be another possiblity if you can’t get the first two. TY is usually found online these days at shops like rima.com

If you are going to use rewritable dvds, I’d stick with Verbatim DVDRW +R disks. Even so, you shouldn’t use them for long time storage.

Hi Kerry56,

I always tested the .avi files before burning them (also to check the subtitles sync) and they are always fine. What annoys me is that some movies that I burn don’t skip at all. I am using WinAVI 7.6, which from the software I’ve tested had the best conversion time. Do you know any other software that could help me ensure a “skip-free” burn?

I’ll give it a try on the Verbatim discs. I’ve been using Pengo DVDR media, but I don’t like using R media, I prefere using the same RW disc over and over to watch the movies, once I don’t keep them. On the +RW and - RW matter, do you thing +RW are more compatible than -RW media with standalone DVD players?

If you want a fairly detailed article on why you should choose DVDRW +R over the DVDRW -R disks, look here

As for compatibility, you can booktype (or bitset, whichever term you prefer) the DVDRW +R disks so that they look like dvd roms to your player, and thus increase compatibiity. There are various ways of doing this, depending on your burner. Do a search here on the forums on bitsetting or booktyping, and/or start a thread on the subject in the optical drive subforum that matches the manufacturer of your drive.

As to your question about conversion tools, there are too many to mention. And from the sounds of it, you’ve tried a few others. I use Procoder to convert avi to mpeg2, but it is an expensive encoder. The least expensive “good” encoder that I could recommend would be TMPGenc Plus, but it isn’t the fastest, and may not have all the features you would want. Pegasys, the makers of TMPGenc, have some all-in-one programs that might interest you though.

You could also look through the list of available conversion programs over at videohelp.com but since you say your files play well on the computer, it sounds like the conversion is ok, you’re just getting skips on playback from the disks. And that is much more likely to be a problem with your blank media.

i used these cheap dvd-r/+r also other cheap bundles (50dvd for under 10 bucks usd) but here is my problem… i have a coby dvd player (really cheap ones…25 bucks) the problem is dvd+r works nicely but dvd-r always skips towards the middle or end of the movies. I’ve always have that problem with these cheap dvd-r, i cant afford expensive ones. I think these dvd-r works with good brand dvd players while dvd+r will work on all these cheap ones nicely. I also use nero 8 to convert and burn them. My files are all off the internet in avi’s. I dont change any setting with my nero 8 all defaults. If anyone know anything other than this let me know please. AS of now, Im thinking its either the program im using or the cheap dvd player can’t play dvd-r encoded and burned by nero.