DVD-R unreadable format, can I retrieve the data?

I’m using retrospect to create a backup set of our data. My data has been stored on 12 DVD’s and growing. The trouble with these DVD’s is that I cannot read them with a mac or PC. So the program that burned them used it’s own formatting. I can only use them with retrospect.

Does anyone know how I might duplicate these DVD-R’s? I can use a mac or PC. Trouble with a mac is that the DVD will not even mount and thinks it’s a blank disc. The PC thinks it reads a 2kB audio track…


If the OS can’t read it, am I out of luck or is there something that can work at a lower level to copy these things?

You could always use Retrospect to perform another backup! I wouldn’t do that. I never have two backups on the same media… Or at least look at doing another type of backup.

Yeah, I’ve got a couple backups on hard drives using two different programs, my DVD set is yet another one.

I just wanted to copy these DVD’s to have backup copies of that.

I’m peeved at retrospect for making it so difficult (or impossible)

So who’s got a way to copy DVD-R’s bit for bit? It’s copying a DVD-R to a DVD-R so I would think it’s possible - no unwriteable headers or whatever involved.

Take a look at CloneDVD.

CloneDVD is looking for video files, so it’s not going to work unless there is something I’m missing in the application.

Thanks for the suggestion

Isobuster or CDRoller are commercial applications that will be able to retrieve data, whether audiovisual or other files. The IsoBuster trial will tell you if they can be retrieved, but you have to buy the software to do the recovery. CDRoller trial I think is fully functional for a couple of weeks.

Other freeware is IsoPuzzle but I’ve only used that for video. Probably would work and maybe worth a try.

So I tried those programs.

Starts off strong, then for some reason slows to a crawl trying to read the two tracks it sees on the disc. It’ll copy about 500 megs quickly, and then slow to a few kB/sec

Identifies the disc as an audio CD with one empty track. Interestingly, when I go to burn, it will see two tracks of a few hundred megs (should be 4.3 gigs).

Just says Disc is empty.

Oh well, thanks for the try. This DVD is written with some goofy format, and nothing can recognize it to copy it. Frickin’ retrospect…

I’ll be playing around with Isobuster some more, but don’t expect much.