DVD-R: Unable to maintain max burn speed


I have had this problem with two DVD-R drives so far, so I’m pretty confident it isn’t the drive (NEC 2510A & Pioneer 108 v1.10 firmware). I’m using Taiyo Yuden media (and I’m just doing simulations anyway), so I’m pretty confident it isn’t the media.

P4 2.8HT system, 1gb ram, no unneccessary programs or services running.

The burner is the only devices on the IDE chain. Verified that the burner is running in DMA mode (UltraDMA mode 4). Doesn’t matter whether the bios is set to recognize the device as [Auto] or [CDROM].


Both Alcohol 120% and Nero are unable to keep the buffer full to maintain max write speed. They both start out by filling the buffer and starting the write at 8x on an 8x disc. The buffer slowly goes down… once it reaches 0%, the burn slows considerably (sometimes down to 1x). I’ve found that my “average” write speed across the whole burn is something like 3x.

Anyone have any ideas as to why my system/software can’t keep the buffer full? I’m using good 80 pin IDE cables, and I’ve tried swapping it out already.


are you saying you’ve only done simulations? if so, try doing a real burn before concluding there’s something wrong. simulations don’t always reflect how things will actually turn out.

You could try defragmenting your hard drive before burn maybe that might help

I’ve done real burns as well. After a few real burns, I started doing simulations to not waste this $1/disc media. Same results every time.

After doing some searching here, that will be my next step once I get home. I don’t anticipate it changing anything… but I’ll try it.

Update: Drive was pretty fragmented… but after a defrag… no change.

Hard drive is running in UltraDMA mode 5.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Small update: My drive is a slower one (WD 120gb, 5400 RPM), so I did a benchmark with SiSoftSandra. It reads at ~31mb/s. Burning a dvd at 12x is ~12mb/s I believe…

so the drive is reading fast enough…

I have no idea. heh.


I’ve got the same problem buddy. I’ve limited myself to 4x burns for the time being. One question- what is the content of your burns? .iso image file or individual files? And movie backups or numerous smaller files like on a data DVD? I’ve heard this can make a difference, though the usual remedy is to defrag the HD if you are burning multiple small files- something you have already done.

I did lots of testing last night. Turns out my problem was simply alcohol 120%.

I experienced this problem with both nero and 120% on my previous NEC drive, so I assumed that when I experienced it again w/ 120% on the new drive, nero would also have the problem…

not the case.

I experience the problem when burning a MDS/F image in 120%. This morning I tested burning 4gb of files in Nero and it burned perfectly at 8x.

So… I need to do more testing to see if 120% only has the problem with this specific image file. Regardless, the image file always burns correctly, just not as fast as I’d like. Weird.