DVD+R uber bargain, Myers Australia.. but..!

Imation 16x DVD+R packs of 50 are going for $10, yes $10(!) Myers around Perth, maybe Aus-wide?

So ok, I bought 3 packs and went to write some stuff and … hmmm… Nero only wants to go up to 4X! Why is this?

I have a Pioneer DVR-108, which goes up to 16X on the TDK DVD+R media I was using previously (quite reliably). Does anyone know why these Imation ones, which say 16x on the pack, would only want to write at 4x?

Should I take the other 2 packs back…? Or is it my burner?


Hi waveform, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Are you using the latest firmware for your Pio? Could be that the mediacode isn’t recognised by the firmware you have, and is writing the media at a default strategy (usually about 4x in my experience).

Can you tell us what firmware you’re using? You can find this with Nero InfoTool :slight_smile:

Hang on a tic… just noticed a little “RW” symbol on the pack (see attached).

Does this mean they’re rewritables? That would explain it… oh noooo… say it ain’t true!

No they are DVD+R not rewritable

Thanks for the help guys. Tried running InfoTool but I can’t see anywhere how to get at the firmware version… any hints? :slight_smile: Which tab? Hardware tab doesn’t show much…

All I can think of is you’re running an older version of Nero. I’ll see if I can find a later version of InfoTool for you, as you should get something like the one I get (shown):

Edit: OK, go here - scroll down the page a bit, and download Nero InfoTool v4.03 - that should do it. :slight_smile:

When you’ve downloaded it, create a folder somewhere and put the two files into it. You should be able to run it from there, no install needed.

oooerr. Yes that looks like a higher version. :slight_smile:

However I found it in the Choose Recorder window in Nero proper. Firmware is 1.04. is that so out of date I can’t make a cake with it?

Hehe :bigsmile:…now to find you a later version.

Be back shortly with an edit :wink:

Edit: Here we go, from the Pioneer site - 1.20 firmware for DVR-108


I’m reading on rpc1.org that my 108 is a good drive, yay! :slight_smile: And also there might be a firmware update that makes it region-free… is that true?

Many thanks for the help, this is wonderful! 2am here tho, so if I disappear I’m not being rude, just slipped under the desk for a nap.

Yep, firmware from rpc1 is good too :iagree: - so you have a choice! Just have a look around rpc1 for the DVR-108, that should get you some region free firmware.

Hahahaha, I feel like napping myself, but you’ve got a better excuse than me :bigsmile:

Anyway…whichever firmware you choose, be sure to post back at some point to let me know how you got on with it and those discs (that’s a very good deal you got yourself!)…I’ll be wondering otherwise :wink:

Hey, success thy name is Arachne.

I got the latest f/ware patch from http://pioneerdvd.rpc1.org/#PIONEER_IDE and from that page also downloaded DVRFlash v2.0.

Copied the f/ware files and the DVRFlash win32 files into a folder, went to a dos prompt and typed dvrflash.exe -v F: R8100108.118 as per instructions.

After a couple of crunchie minutes, it patched and now I can but 16x on these cheap cheap disks (but I’ll do 8x just to be safe). ahh bliss, and now to bed. Naughty Panasonic hobbitses for limiting 16x burning to “approved media”! geez…

Thanks a million for all the help!!! :bow:

Hey, nice work with the files :smiley:

Oh, and I’d probably start at 12x with those 16x discs - I burn pretty much all my 16x stuff at 12x, works like a charm. If it messes up, then I’d go down to 8x :slight_smile:

“Hobbitses” :bigsmile: - and you’re very welcome, sleep well! :slight_smile:


With those discs - probably get the better burn at 8x IMO - remember [B]Arachne[/B] - you are used to the good stuff like Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim’s -eh!

Haha, this is true - apart from some Prodisc F02s I had, all my 16x media is either MCC004 or T03 :iagree:

Edit: I also have some CMC MAG M01s and AM3s, but keep it quiet :o

@waveform - if Mike says 8x is fine, go with it :slight_smile:

Will do, thanks. I regularly back up my dev work, so prefer to be careful. Hopefully these disks don’t have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

Considering I knew nothing about CD firmware etc, it’s amazing, inside an hour I’d gone from “hm, are these rewriteables?” to flashing my drive. This is a good site! :iagree: :slight_smile: