DVD-R troubles Please Help



Hello to all,
I am totally new to this. I got a Toshiba D-VR3SU DVD / VHS recorder. It seems to work great. Well almost, I have a lot of old VHS movies that I am putting on to DVD-R. After going thru the process of editing ,recording and finalizing. The machine spits out a DVD-R . I have purchased many types of new DVDs like Maxwell , TDK , Memorix ect.
Anyway I play the new DVD-R , I just made and it plays fine in the Toshiba machine. But when I tried playing it in the old RCA DVD player it would not work. So I went back to the book. It says you can record 1 hr or up to 6 hrs.
So I set up the machine to record under Standard record. Thats appox. 2hrs.
I burned off another DVD-R and it works in both machines. So then I thought I fixed the problem. Well I put the DVD-R into the paper cases which I bought new and put them away. About a week later I went back to watch the DVD-R and they would not work or they worked for awhile then would freeze. While others of them worked fine. Is something wrong with the machine ? Or What ?
I should mention when I tried recording up to 4 hrs they never worked. Either they would not play or just freeze up. It seems if you record less than 2 hrs on standard play most of the time it will work. But they just do not last. Any ideas as to what the problem is ? Everything is new like the DVD-R , the paper cases with the plastic fronts. The DVD / VHS machine is less than 6 months old.


Changing the recording time “capacity” does not affect playback or readability at all. It is just changing the quality at which the recorder encodes the video. Just a chance convergence of correlation without causality.

There are two likely suspects. The blank media you are using, and your RCA DVD player. Some players (older ones especially) just flat out have trouble with burnt media. The recorder itself was obviously built with burnt media in mind- which is why it does better with playback.

The blank media you use is actually somewhat independent of the branding. There are only a dozen or two factories in the world where blanks are made- sometimes multiple brands buy from the same factory. And sometimes the same brand will switch suppliers. Check out the blank media section of this forum for more info, but the consensus is that you can’t go wrong with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.

And as a side note, I would recommend against paper cases if you can spare the storage space. It’s not causing your problem, but DVD cases are easy to come by. If you have a Blockbuster around you, just call up on a Tuesday morning and ask if you can have the empty cases when they get done processing them. Most managers are fairly accomodating. AFAIK, Blockbuster is one of the only chains still using their proprietary locking cases.