DVD-R Top Surface


I got a question and I know its kinda dumb…

but what is the difference between Silver Matte surface and Silver Lacquer surface?

I got a general idea but I am not confident.

Is this Silver Lacquer?

Is this Silver Matte?

The reason I am asking this is because I am about to buy 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x from here https://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=421

and the picture in that is one of those I have seen before where its very shiny and shit, and scratches easily to my understanding? I dont like this surface.

On another site I found they are selling the same product but are showing a different picture… on this site http://www.meritline.com/taiyo-yuden-4x-dvd-r-media-silver-lacquer.html

if the ones on blankmedia.ca are selling the same surface ones as shown on the meritline.com site then I will purchase.

I am afraid that if I buy from blankmedia.ca I will get a bunch of those shiny ass surfaces which I don’t like.

Thank you.

Laquer = shiny silver top, which I too, hate. ALL OEM TY products are shiny silver unfortunately (excluding expensive inkjet printables). Since you’re in Canada, wait a few days and Future Shop will have 100 Fuji DVD cakeboxes for $50 - for which the made in japan ones are TY! :slight_smile:

Ok so its the shiny silver tops… dam I hate those, it makes it hard to read after writing using a felt tip marker on it.

The thing is, I dont like the DVD-R’s that have writing bloated with the company logo on the top. I like it to have a clean surface with no branding on it.

Are these fuji’s branded with logos on the top?

Yes, they have the Fuji logo, along with 8X, made in japan, etc, but I don’t think it’s too bloated. Plus you get a nice straight line to write on. :bigsmile: Certainly far better than shiny silver!

If you really want a plain matte, you can get silver inkjet printable TYG02 or T02 for $~40/50.