DVD+R to -R Utility Converter LH-20A1P?

I went back on Lite-On’s site looking 4 a generic plug-n-play driver as I do not want to install Nero 7 when I reload my machine. I do have Nero 6 Ultra, so maybe that will recognize it. Anyway, I downloaded a utility that they say converts DVD+R to DVD-R read format. I need –R 4 other older machines I use.

Is this utility compatible/ able to be used to convert DVD+R to DVD-R w/ my Lite-On LH-20A1P if used correctly? Has anyone used it? Any draw backs?

Any quality difference between DVD-R & DVD+R?

Am I correct in assuming that the only difference is that older machines cannot read +R & some newer video equipment cannot read DVD-R disks?

I ask this b/c I missed the last sale prices & need disks really bad and both Amazon & Newegg has Verbatim (–R & +R Disks) 4.7 GB 16X 120 Minute Single-Sided DVD-R, 100 Disc Spindle on sale. I was thinking about the DL 8X 30PK 4 $32.00, but I guess I get more value w/ the 100.</SPAN>

While I was on Lite-On’s site, I saw firmware updates 4 both this LH-20A1P & my aging LTN526S reader, so that was cool.

Any thought are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance & Good day to all!

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I think you are referring to the Lite-on utility that provides bitsetting for +R disks. This changes the booktype on a burned disk so that it looks like a DVDRom to any player, and thus improves compatibility with older players. It doesn’t change +R to look like -R.

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Thank you Kerry! Yes, that is the utility I was referring to. So that is “yes” that I can use utility on my particular LH-20A1P b4 burning a DVD+R disc so older machines will be able to read it.

I just wanted 2 be sure b4 buying a whole 100pk spindle. Any difference or draw backs using that utility on a DVD+R?

I’ve been on wiki-pedia & haven’t found any differences besides the one I mentioned above. Any thought?

If I choose the DVD+R DL 8X 30pk, would ya’ll burn the max allowable speed? From my last question, I did learn I was wrong about the slowest burn speed was always best.

Thanks so much 4 everyone’s patience! If there are other links I should research so not to bother ya’ll w/ trivial questions, please let me know. I know cars, dirtbikes, PC’s, but never really learned about discs, opt disc drives, etc.

You can change booktype within Nero, you don’t have to use the Lite-on utility. This drive does support bitsetting/changing booktype, so you don’t have to worry about that. DL +R media will be automatically changed to DVDRom

I never burn DL media faster than 4x, but many others around here disagree with that policy. I’m afraid you’ll just have to experiment with your particular drive to find a speed that gives you good results.

I’d choose ImgBurn instead of Nero for DL burns.

Awesome!!! I was thinking old drives like my Compaq Presario 2010US & others wouldn’t recognize or be able to read the DVD+R DL. That’s defintely what I’m going to get now. Wow! Thought I was going 2 have 2 buy both single & DL.
Found the ImbBurn site…Thanks!

?1- B4 or after flashing the firmware or reloading my machine; Should I use this EEPROM tool http://club.myce.com/f44/eeprom-utility-plds-liteon-sony-cd-dvd-writers-v5-0-1-new-112103/ tools here http://club.myce.com/f44/lite-lh-20a1p-post-your-scans-here-201092/index34.html mentioned by C0deKing?

?2- Where can I find a generic driver 4 my drive so I don’t have 2 re-install that crappy basic Nero 7 to get it to work & I re-install my XP machine. MS updates doesn’t provide drivers b/c it’s not plug-n-play. It will only read DVD, but won’t burn anything initially w/o software. Lite-On’s site goes 404 error when trying 2 DL driver. If nothing else, I’ll try contact LO tomorrow.

Thanks again Kerry!!! Huge help & $$ saver!!! If you or anyone can just provide feedback on last 2 ?'s; we can mark 2 threads solved.