DVD +R to play in dvd player?

Hi folks, i have a large movie file (7.05GB) which i want to burn to a DL disc & play in my DVD stand alone player. The only thing is my DVD player will not read +R discs. If i shrink the movie it looks awful & i dont want to take anything out of it to make it smaller.

I have a pioneer 111d burner & heard that i need to change booktype settings on the burner via dvdinfopro. However, it tells me on dvdinfopro that my drive does not support a booktype settings change. Do i need to “flash” my burner so i can change booktype settings? Could anyone tell me how flash the burner? Or is there a simpler way to burn the dvd+r dual layer disc so it will play on my dvd player? Thanks for reading this far & hope you can help!

You don’t need to change the booktype for +R DL and you cannot with the Pioneer burner - it does it automatically for you!!

I suggest to load the DL image into imgburn and burn it to DL.
What media brand is it?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Its not an image im trying to burn, its Video TS files (sorry, i know i made it sound like 1 file :o ) I am using Datawrite Titanium DL 2.4x. I have previously burned the TS files using Ones to the DL disc, which it completed successfully, but when i put the disc into my DVD player it wont recognise the disc, hence i thought i could “flash” the drive into accepting book type settings & change it to dvd rom.

Just a newbie question, how would it know to change booktype settings auomatically & what would it change them to? Cheers bud, i appreciate you taking the time to reply! :clap:

here are the discs i am using…


[B]UPDATE[/B] Have just burned the film to the dl disc & put in into the dvd player. The “warning” screen is played on the tv, you know, the copywrite information of the dvd. Once it has played this information the dvd just stops as if at the end of the film when all i have actually seen is the copywrite warning. This ever happen to anyone before?

sounds more like a corrupt dvd/ifo structure.

you could try re-authoring tools (i think Nero can do this)

A .TS file is not supposed to work in most normal dvd standalones.
It needs authoring into a valid dvd video structure/format!

I’d recommend Tmpgenc dvd author or dvd author for this, but there are many other tools available.

Please see: http://www.videohelp.com/tools?s=2#2

Now to the media. I think it is another Ritek DL clone, no good choice for quality.
Verbatim DL media is highly recommended.
The Datawrite printable media is the better choice: