DVD-R to hold VCD?

Hi, I’m new to all this. I just got my DVD burner yesterday. I got the Sony DRU dual format 4x Internal. I used to burn alot of VCD’s with my CD burner. I notice that I was able to burn alot of video files equalling 700mbs into a VCD. I was under the impression that with a DVD burner I would be able to fill up a single blank DVD-R with video files till 4.7 Gigs. When I add files to make DVD video it seems to change the file size ( like a 50mb video file to 500mbs on the dvd disc) . So I really can’t hold more then the orinal VCD would’ve. I guess that the DVD video is making the quality better? And thats why the size is increasing? Is there a way to burn onto DVD-R the way you would CD-R so that you can fill it up with tons of video clips playable on a DVD player that plays VCD ?