What is the best program to burn a already burned dvd?


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Can you elaborate better? An already burned disc cannot be burned again: you must burn on a different disc. What do you want to do exactly?


I mean i have a burned movie that i used any dvd and clone dvd2 to copy, and now i want to take the burned dvd and make another copy but it takes long time, so maybe there is another program that can just make things quicker?


If you already have a copy on a DVD it’s not necessary to use again clonedvd. Try simply to drag and drop files on your HDD and then burn again on a different disc. This should work :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s a good idea, thanks again


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…but you have to choose the right filesystem if you want the copy to be playable!

Use the “DVD Video” or equivalent option in your burning program which will choose the right filesystem format (UDF 1.02).

I prefer instead to copy the whole disc as an ISO image with whatever tool is handy (sometimes DVD Decrypter, sometimes UltraISO) and then burn the image instead. This is easier than copying the files and then burning a new project.

You can also use the “copy disc” function in some programs.