DVD -R to DVD +R


I copied a tape of our local play to DVD using a Panasonic recorder onto DVD -R. I made an image in Nero 7. Now I want to copy this onto a DVD +R but Nero will not allow me. It says that I have the wrong type in the recorder. I need to use a DVD -R. I’d prefer to use the DVD +R’s as I have a lot of them. I have a LG 4166B and it supports booktypes. I have set the booktype to DVD ROM but no joy.

Is it possible to copy the image or disk onto DVD +R. I’d really appreciate help on this. Thanks.


If I’m not wrong, +R and -R media have a slight size difference. I don’t remember what media contain more data.

Try to rip the -R disc with dvd decrypter on your HDD. Then use dvd shrink to compress it and finally burn on a +R media.

What for a firmware you’ve on your drive and what for a media brand you’ve?
It’s absolutely possible to copy your image to a +R, but it could only be that you’ll need to upgrade your firmware.

I’m using firmware 1.02 and the manafacturer ID of the disk is PRODISC R04.

I have change the booktype in nero speed tool. I don’t really understand if changing the booktype this way should help copying though.

It will not copy the disk OR the image to DVD +R.

Thanks for your help.

The Disk (image) only has over 2GB so no need to shrink and it is not copy protected.

What do contain exactly that disc? You can’t burn a file so big on a dvd. If it’s a video dvd, all files must be splitten in 1 GB chunks.

Maybe is this that give you that error

I guess this was recorded by a standalone recorder if i understand that right with the panasonic, in this case these would be video files with vob, bup and ifo.

I guess this was recorded by a standalone recorder if i understand that right with the panasonic, in this case these would be video files with vob, bup and ifo.

That’s right.

It will let me copy to a DVD -R.

And what for a version of nero you’ve?

I’d try to update to the latest versions also i’d give a try to another media brand.

I put the files onto my HD and now they burn OK and booktype is set to DVD ROM.

Hi Valentia
If you recorded it using the VR format you can use a Video Editing software to turn the files to MPEG2 and afterwards you can make a DVD out of them. Ulead Video Studio 8 or 9 will do it, maybe Pinnacle, Adobe and others will do.
The issue is not to create the DVD (for that you can even use freeware) but to capture the -VR from you disc.
Otherwise, you can only create several copies from the topset recorder…that being a Panasonic will not write to +R.

You could try to make a RAW copy of your disc…but don’t know if it works from -R to +R, and if Nero can handle it.

I think that the message you get from Nero about the wrong discs refers to the source, not your destination DVD+R.

It’s sorted. Thanks guys.

Yup, -VR and +VR. Not really usable without the correct drivers…

I had the same problems a while back.

  1. It wasn’t the firmware or anything to do with the PC DVD burner.

  2. It didn’t have anything to do with file size

  3. Updating the Version of Nero was no help.

Someone here pointed out a relatively easy way to convert them: Use DVD Decryptor to copy the -R ISO to hard drive then use DVD Decryptor to copy that ISO onto a +R

I copied the files from the DVD made on the Panasonic to HD. Opened Nero and went to make DVD from files. Put in the DVD +R and away I went. Simple really. :slight_smile: