DVD-R to DVD+R Recording

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I tried to use 1-Click Copy DVD Burning software to copy a working - works in ALL DVD players - DVD-R with menus and extras (in a DVD-ROM Drive) unprotected to a DVD+R in the to my Pioneer DVR-109 drive. It made a copy, but it wont play or even be recognized in ANY of my computer or HT DVD Players. Do I need to use a DVD-R disk to record those DVD-R disks to… or am I missing something?
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My first suggestion is that you take a trip over to www.videohelp.com and check to see if your DVD player can play DVD+R discs. Simply click on DVD Players on the left hand side and perform the search of your DVD player.

Secondly, I’d recommend using different software to make the backup of your DVD-R. Try using DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to both rip and burn the DVD to the blank DVD+R.

Kenwood Sovereign DV-5700 supports
and regularly produced Region 1 DVDs

my other is a Cyberhome Multi-region DVD player and plays

My DVD-Rom drive and the DVR-109 plays all DVDs.

I will try the DVD Decrypter and see how that works…
The Toe

sounds like you had a bad burn. almost willing to bet that you are using cheap low grade media…

spryfly is right. How many copies did you try to burn?

What type of drive are you using?

I dont know what qualifies as cheap low grade media, but I was using Memorex DVD+R and now am going to try the DVD-R discs…again Memorex…if this is not good - give me a link to a quality product for this type of burn. The burner did make a nice copy of a ton of files/photos that I had on the HD and it can be read in any drive now…also, that was my first burn, the dvd copy was the 2nd…so far…that is all …I downloaded the DVD Decrypter and am using it now…will update in 20-30 min. Thanks.

Drives in use…


What is the media code on your memorex dvd’s…

if you want the best guarenteed, go to rima.com and get some Tayio Yuden…

If you don’t want to wait or pay for shipping, your safe in buying Fuji 8X as long as it’s made in Japan. That too will be Tayio Yuden. Best Buy often runs good sales on this. Also TDK (made in Japan) has now seemed to of gone to TY also. I’ve found this to be true again at Best Buy in Minnesota and Arizona.


from personal experience and the testomonials of others…some fuji/tdk ty seem to have quality control issues. however, as long as you don’t overspeed your burns they should do just fine. also, you may get lucky and get a top quality batch. if you do they will burn like a dream all the way to 16x.

Hey spryfly…

If this is true, then I must be one of the lucky ones along with ripit and J.D. to name a couple. I’ve burndt over 200 of the Fuji’s @ 16X without a hicup. I’ve done another 50 of the TDK’s with the same results. PERFECT!!! I have 200 of the TDK’s left and approx. 300 of the Fuji’s but will certainly post if I find anything different with those. But they all came out of the same lot. That is the Fuji’s were 1 lot and the TDK’s a 2nd lot. And yes, I am a disk junkie when it comes to getting them for cheap. But not quite as bad as ripit. I was one of the lucky ones who loaded up on the Fuji’s when Best Buy so nicely put them on sale for $3.99 for a 25 tub without knowing it until a few of us pointed it out to them.:bigsmile: But as far as a quality issue, I’ve not heard much about it. Is this new? I was on vacation for a while. Little Satch 7 a.k.a. Big Mike 7 hasn’t mentioned it to me and he’s a royal TY junkie only on the negative end.