DVD-R table of contents folder print out

Can anybody out there tell me if there is a way to print the contents of a folder in windows XP pro?

I have a folder that I’m backing up all the contents to a DVD-R disc and want a printout to put in the jewel case to identify what is on the disc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

i have done a search and i cannot find anything about this…its kinda related to burning isn’t it??


Maybe this is what your after.

Originally posted by portmac
Maybe this is what your after.

That is what I was thinking, back to those old DOS commands…they rule…still

cheers that spot on

I’m assuming you are using Windows

Here’s an easy way

  1. display the directory with Windows explorer like this
    and capture it to a file —use something like grabber2k for screeen capture or even print screen key

save it as filename.jpg

for example screen shot below

  1. now use windows explorer to browse the file.
    double click on it and IE explorer will display the image.
    cut the image
  2. Open up any word processing software e.g wordpad, word 4 windows etc. – You could also use outlook express if you haven’t got word processing software although if you’ve got windows you should have wordpad included in Windows anyway
  3. paste the image cut in step 2
  4. now print your document

Hope this helps