DVD+R Speed does it matter

I just purchased a new dell with a built in dvd burner. I have tried 2 brands of memorex media and neither one worked both -R & +R it is supposed to write to +r but it ejects the disk and tells me to insert a writable media. The two that I have tried are -R 8X +R 8X. Do I need to use 16X as my burner is a 16 X burner?

i just came here to post a similar question, and before i made a new topic i saw this one.

I also have a dell, but i got mine in march with a 8X DVD+RW burner (or it tells me on the printouts) i’ve used 4X DVD’s since then. Today i just got 200 BenQ 8X DVD+R but it still burns at 4X and i use nero with the write speed at maxium. any idea where i can find out what speed my burner really is? or is nero detecting it wrong?

well i check device manager and looked at my burners website http://www.teac.com/DSPD/support/dt_dvdr_drives/ide_dvdr.htm
which says my burner is a 8X

my burner is a teac DVW58E (8x DVD+R / +RW)

call Dell and have them replace your drives.


Strongly suggest using good medias (Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell)


Read the media forum posts. Don’t use memorex=cr*p. You’ll get better write speeds with +R media. I find Fujifilm DVD+R 8X very good (Made in Japan only) They will write at 16x on my nec3520. TDK, Phillips, Verbatium, are good. Make sure they say made in Japan not Taiwan