Dvd+r Sony-d11-000

25 DVD’s succesfully burned on this media. Now looking for a shop where they still sell these dvd’s.

Not available anymore on shop.cdfreaks.com

i think you will have better chances for an anwer in the Bargain basement :slight_smile:

Depending on where you live. Here in the States you can get Sony D11’s at any major retail store. Made in Japan Sony 8x -R’s are Sony D11 mid.

While Sony D11 is a good to decent media, you should try Taiyo Yuden media which are Made in Japan Sony 8x +R, which are TY02 MID, a much much better media than Sony D11. You can get Taiyo Yuden media at Rima.com.

No they’re not. Made in Taiwan Sony 8X +Rs are Sony D11s.

The current batches of Fry’s GQ 8x dvd+r has this media code. It is in a 25 pack cakebox with the label GQ printed on them (not the shiny ones). I burnt all of them with a 93 to 99% quality on cdspeed. Got it for 5 bucks. Gonna go back and get some of the 50 pack for 10 bucks.

Thanks guys !

I love Sony D11!!! I’ve been through 100 of them without a SINGLE defective disc, and not one coaster that wasn’t my fault! I’d call it GREAT media, and it burns with VERY GOOD results in my 3500A @ 16x! It goes on sale @ staples in the 50 spindles, Sony 8x DVD +R for $20. It’s about as good a Taiyo Yuden 02 Fuji 8x +Rs, but it’s usually cheaper. I loaded up on the 30 spindles of colored yudens from staples a while back, and they were $9 for 30. I’ve burnt a few of them to make sure they’re good to go @ 16x like the sony was, and it is. I’m about out of Sony D11 though, I have maybe 15 to go on my last 50 spindle. Then I’ll move on to yudens, and I still have about 25 Fuji JPNR01s that are good for 12x. Those are my favorite medias, all of which burnt excellent, and were cheap. :iagree:

Does anyone know if the gq stuff is actually sony? I have gotten fake sony media under the gq brand before (not recentlly though).

I’ve heard it’s made by Lead Data, so yes, real Sony.