DVD-R: Software to use with



Just purchased a DVD-RW Pioneer A03 and been burning with latest NERO but several times the software refuses to burn at 2x..... and gives some error messages!!!

Can you advise me of a piece of software that might work well with this kind of media?

BTW also used STOMP RECORD NOW MAX 4 from STOM and VERITAS... seems to work fine.... but a 2nd advise is always good...




I have the same burner and so far only directcd(roxio) seems to work but i cannot close the dvdr to use in a dvdrom. Nero refuses to burn…


I got VOB bundled with the pioneer and that seems to work fine.
It will not burn multisession dvd-r but you can use the UDF format for incremental writing.


Mine is ‘bulk’ , so no software …