DVD+r Slow access?


I recently started burning some +R discs with a Plextor 708a. I am using Memorex discs. I am only doing backup’s of files of my harddrive currently.

The problem i have is when i go to access those discs in my plextor or samsung dvd-rom it takes along time to open .rar files or anything else on the disk. Browsing the directores is quick but everything else is very slow.

Is this normal?



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First off - Memorex discs are NOT very good (get some Taiyo Yuden or Ritek discs)-

Look into your settings for the 708 and make sure that DMA is enabled!!!

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Thanks for the reply. I tried again and burned some files off my HD to a Verbatim disc. I then verified all my drives are in DMA mode.

When i try the burned disc in both of my dvd-roms it open the directories quickly but openeing any or the rar or zip files take along time. It appears to be reading the disc just slowly.

Any thoughts?


Without knowing what type processor or operating system makes it kinda hard-

Assuming that you have a reasonably fast processor and are running XP - I would try the drive in another machine (preferably one that the burner work OK in) and see if it has the same problems - if so then RMA it outa there for another one-