DVD+R Single Layer Bitsetting not working for me!

Another problem I am currently having is the bitsetting for DVD+R (SL). After setting the bitsetting for the DVD+R medium (SL) by using the binflash tool / WinBType.exe tool to DVD-ROM, I tried burning a DVD+R.

I’m wondering if the DVD-ROM bitsetting only applies to the situation when you burn DVD movies onto DVD+R’s, or can it also apply to data (such as .avi files) being burned onto DVD+R?

I tried to test out the DVD+R I burned with Bitsetting on DVD-ROM on my other computer’s DVD-ROM drive, but it didn’t seem to recognize the disc. Nero also recognized the disc as DVD+R, despite the fact my BS was on DVD-ROM.

I used Nero Burning ROM to burn the data, and I have a NEC ND-3500AG. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks!

You need firmware that supports bitsetting on SL discs, if your using the stock 2.16 firmware, that does NOT support SL bitsetting.

Try this thread for more info

SL Bitsetting is working with firmware 2.C8. It doesn´t work with an original NEC firmware, what Dee-27 already told you.

I’m currently using Mad Dog’s 2.F8 firmware which supports single layer bitsetting. That should rule out any firmware incompatibilities.

THe SL Bitsetting still isn’t working. Type is set to DVD-ROM, disc comes out burned as DVD+R. Any suggestions?

There are 2 versions of winbtype. The “leaked” NEC one and the one from maddog.
I assume you are using the one from maddog? (also bundled by the dangerous bros).

I also assume you are checking the media info with dvdinfopro after the burn?

The only other thing I can think of is to make sure your ide drivers are using dma mode instead of pio mode. (You can check this in device manager).

Yah, make sure you use the one that is downloadable here:

Yup, works now. Thanks! The DVD+R is now readable on my other computer’s DVD-ROM drive.