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Hey All,Need some help here.I’m using +r Re-writables to save space and I’d like to know, how come I can’t rewrite a rewritable on either fab or img?I can’t erase the dvd’s like I can with cd’s.My wife tells me all you have to do is overwrite the dvd.Is this so? If not what can I do?..Thanx Jim…BTW…Happy thanksgiving:D


If the disc is a +r it is not Re-writeable.
If it is Re-writeable it should be a +RW .
If it is a +RW ImgBurn should be able to erase it.
I’ve had a few RW’s go bad after several uses & they would no longer record or erase.
You wife is correct you should be able to overwrite without erasing first .


Wow!!!..Thanx fer the qwik reply Cholla…Yes, They are sony +r {Rw}. Man,I think I just wasted some money on 1 time only disc’s.However, what is the setting used in img to erase the disc , ordoes it just overwrite{s} automatically?..Thanx for the help…I remain,Jim


To erase with ImgBurn:
Tools pulldown / Drive /Erase Disc / Quick or Full
I recommend Full.

What ImgBurn would do if you didn’t Erase first & tried to burn a DVD folder is tell you the disc needs erasing & ask if you want it erased. Then it would burn the disc after erasing it. Other software like CloneDVD2 would just overwrite. If possible.
Again if your DVD discs are just DVD +R & not labeled DVD +RW then they are one time write & not re-writeable.


Hey Thanks again…These blanks must be mis-marked because they have {rw} stamped on them, So I guess they are for 1 time use only…they were on sale…live and learn:)


Check your blank discs with Nero InfoTool.
It will tell you if they are +R or +RW .
Use the Disc tab.
It is freeware.