DVD+R/RW Media on HP Writer 300n

Hello, can anyone tell me if an HP Writer 300n would be able to write on a 4X DVD+RW ( and erase/format it of course!)? I write on DVD+R but I’m unsure if this device is suitable for this DVD media

2.4x max for DVD+RW.
With good brands it could work.

Yep. That’s a rebadged NEC 1100A, I think.

If it is, then maybe you should crossflash it to NEC 1300A, which writes to DVD-R(W) too :iagree:
Maybe [B]Liggy[/B] and [B]Dee[/B] know more about this than I do (I have a real 1300A)…

I also still have a real 1300a…
You surelöy can crossflash to an 1300, but not all -R/-RW media can or will work with it.
Not to mention the hi-speed ones, starting with 8x -R and 4x -RW.