DVD-R recording to +R?

I recorded a program from direct TV to my DVR, which I then burned to a TYG02(DVD-R) disc on a Panasonic stand alone home burner. I needed to make multiple copies, so I used the computer to copy using Nero. I wanted to burn it to a +R, but after it read the disc and was going to burn it, it said put in compatible disc which it said was -R,-RW. I had My Samsung SH-S182 reading it and my BenQ DW-1650 burning it. I could’ve swore I had burned from a + to a - or vice versa in the past. Is it possible to do a + to - or vice versa or am I doing something wrong?

DVD-R has a few more MB of space than a DVD+R, so its possible your recording used up the full capacity of a DVD-R and thus to do a copy you need another disc of the -R/RW format.

dvd shrink it or use img burn :slight_smile: , generally i use the rule +r for data and burns off the standalone hdd/dvd recorder and -r for movies etc but ive just read somewhere the colours and stuff are better when burnt on +r :confused:

If you’re talking about what was posted in the Blank Media forum, ignore it. :wink:

i thought it was a bit bull poo look the same to me :iagree:

Normally you can copy +R>-R and vise versa without problems.
Counting things are the recording mode on the source and its size, because -R holds a few more mb than +R.