DVD-R recorded with DVD/UDF not recognised

I’m using Nero and I have also installed InCD

I had to record in DVD several >4Gb files, so Nero told me not to use ISO, but UDF format. I selected DVD-ROM (UDF) and started to record the file in the DVD-R. Nero asked me about multisession (I forgot to select NO in the options previously) and I answered “no multisession disk”.

Everything worked O.K., the final OK message from NERO came, but, as soon as I insert the recently recorded DVD-R in my system, the yellow light in the Plextor 706 stays very long and finally the system says that “there are not disk on the unit” or “the disk is empty”.

Looking into the web I found the possible reason to be the disk is not finalized… OK, how to do it ? If I go into Nero disk information, it tells to me the disk is empty, so, no way to finalize it.

Any idea of help?

System is Windows XP prof. SP2, Plextor 708A DVD recorder, Nero, InCD

Thanks !

I don’t believe that UDF is a recognized VIDEO format for DVD players - I use Nero for burning DVD material which I have pre-authored with another program. As part of the authoring process, any large files (> 2GB) are broken down into smaller sections.

It’s my understanding that UDF is intended for data storage applications - most of my raw video files (in avi format) are about 4GB in length, and I use the UDF format for backups - not for playable DVDs.

I have a TEAC DVD player, and although it recognizes a DVD containing a UDF file, it will only play the first 15 minutes (of a 30 minute file…).

Hope this helps??

Are the files in iso format? If so, you need to burn them as a disc image, not as a data disc.

Thanks to both of you that answered my question. Let me clarify what the situation is:

The files are not intended for VIDEO reproduction, neither they are ISO files. The files are the result of an image of a big disk, that I want to store in an external media. Thus, I asked my image program to split them in 4,39Gb files and I recorded each one of them in a DVD. First attemp Nero told me that the file size was bigger than what the ISO standard can work with and to use another file system as UDF could be.

So, I followed Nero instructions, went to “new”, selected “DVD-ROM (UDF)” and so on, including to answer with “no multisession” to the question of Nero about multisession/no multisession… but when I tried to check the DVD in the SAME PC system, the DVD RW (and a DVD ROM too) unit only spins and, after some time, the system says that the disk is empty.

This is the reason I’m wondering if there is the need to “close/finalize” the DVDs and how and with what to do it (I’m not able to find out it in Nero).

Thanks again.



The problem may be that your computer doesn’t have the means to read the UDF file version you have written as not all versions of UDF are supported by Windows at this time. What version number did you use for UDF?

If you install InCD 4 that will give you UDF readers, can you now see the files on the DVD?




both times, when I recorded the files in the DVD and when I tried to “see” them, InCD 4 was installed in my system, and the system see the DVd as empty.

Rgds. Javier

I did an additional test.

I did exactly the SAME process using a DVD+RW. The only differences are:

1.- Nero told me the file was bigger than the space (4 bytes) and asked for recording extra space. I answered YES.

2.- The resulting DVD is fully recognised and the file inside found…

Question then I have is… Is there any unsupported problem with the Verbatim DVD-R disks for the UDF format ?