DVD+R recorded with Alcohol 120% does not play on standalone players

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Firstly thanks in advance for all help I eventually get from this Forum.

I have a friend of mine that lives in Europe and sent me a DVD+R recorded with Alcohol 120% which I do not have any experience with it (I use Clone DVD2 or DVD Decryter to burn my DVDs). For some unknown reason the DVD recorded with Alcohol 120% does not play on 3 different standalone players: 2 Pioneers and 1 Panasonic. All standalone players state “No Read” or “Can’t Play the Disc”. However, it plays fine on my LG 4160B DVD drive on my PC.

I have ripped the video files (with DVD Decrypter) and record the VOBs with Clone DVD2. But I still get the same results on my stand alone players “No Read”. It seems that Alcohol 120% has formated the DVD+R on a format not readable by the standalone players. Question: does anyone has some suggestion of what can I do in order to make a watchable DVD on my stand alone players?

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Do your stand alone players support +R format, Alcohol is a duplication program and copys the original as it is in original.

Hi Robbo:

Thank you for your reply! However, my standalone players (2 Pioneers) play DVD-R / DVD+R normally in spite of the use manual states that they’re compatible only with DVD-R. But I have over 30 DVD+R and they play fine.

In this meantime, I contacted the technical support of Alcohol 120% (by the way I had an excellent support in spite of not to be an Alcohol 120% user). I was told that, in order to make DVDs more compatible with standalone players (with different firmwares), the media must be burnt as DVD-ROM and this option must be selected previously, before to burn the blank disc (obviously).

Summing it up: it seems that there is nothing to do with my current disc (which plays on my LG drive but not on my standalone players). For the next discs, I have already asked my contact to burn the media as DVD-ROM, which, by the way, he wasn’t aware of.

Hope the forum readers may use this small trick got from Alcohol 120% (excellent!) support. Thanks again for your kind reply.

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I have a similar problem- cds burnt with 120 will play on my desktop computer, but they will not play on my sony laptop… My CD drive is a Hitachi Dk23EA-40 does anyone have any idea how I can fix this??

check here in the dvd player/ section for media compatibility. Not all brands/media ID will play in all dvd players/burners

It seems alcohol can’t set the booktype on some DVD burners, that may be why the resulting DVD+R cannot be read on your standalone DVD players, while the ones burnt with other software can. You could try to force the booktype to DVD-ROM with some other software (DVDdecrypter can do it) before burning with alcohol.

I might be missing something here because I’m new to the game as well, but can’t you put the dvd+r in the pc and then use clone dvd and then use a dvd-r disc to reburn the movie??

Or is it that once you burn on a dve+r disc it can only be backed up onto a dvd+r?/