DVD-R recognised as CDR

I’m having problems actually getting to burn a DVD. Everything was fine until a week or so ago, then all of a sudden my DVD burner starts seeing blank DVD-R discs as CD-R discs. This happens with Shintaro and Sony discs, under both Nero and Roxio.

My specs: Xp Pro, LiteOn LDW 411S, 2x Shintaro discs and 1 x Sony disc.

I’ve probably written 20 DVDs successfully in the time I’ve had the drive, and burnt a Shintaro disc quite happily about a week ago. Upgraded the LiteOn drive to the FSOJ firmware last night, but still no joy. Every time I open Roxio or Nero, they say “703MB Free”, and if I go to Properties on the drive in WinExplorer, it says its a DVDR but not recordable.

Any ideas?

The only time I had that problem was when I purchased a 411S from WalMart and found that it was a return and someone had flashed the firmware with the wrong firmware. Go Into device manager and see what it says it is. Thats all I can say about it.

Yes. Check your ASPI : Nero IT > ASPI tab :

The Device Manager should tell you the name of the Drive, however if you go to System Information under Accessories you can find the specific firmware. You should check it just to be sure you flashed the correct one. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, doesn’t hurt to check.