DVD-R reads cd's, dvd's, and burns CD's BUT,,,,

man,this shit is frustratin! I’ve had a Pioneer DVR 105 for a year. came wit the PC. Been burnin cd’s with no problem. I finally decide to burn a DVD in Nero for backup and the blank DVD doesn’t register. :a So I thought is was the driver, its fine,so I move on to the firmware,i get a message:

Update Program is terminated by occuring error. (Beotches!!) :a

So, as I have been checkin out this site recently before joining today. :iagree:
I found a site with a firmware upgrade that worked. Success? Awww Hell naw! lol i WANTED TO BACK UP SOME FLICKS OF MINE RIGHT? (OOpps Caps sorry) Where was I? Oh,so I’m usin Shrink and everything is smooth. But, again, my DVR doesnt see the blank DVD to get busy with some backin up…lol. So I try CloneDvd,nuttin again,This sucks.

My newbieness is gettin mad annoyed. I’m an MCP so get technical if you must,but its prolly my dumbass,lol.

Off the top of my head I would suspect you are trying a DVD+R, the 105 will not see it.

You are correct sir! I figured this out late last night,lol. Feel free to smack me upside the head. What a noob! Sorry for the waste of space. Thanks for respondin bro! :slight_smile:

Feel free to smack me upside the head


Wow, with a fish no less,I like this place! :iagree:

It’s amazing how many poeple STILL don’t know the difference between + and - :stuck_out_tongue: