DVD-R Reading problems

I’m new here so i’m not sure where this belongs as it can be on software or can be related to hardware. Anyway here goes…I got a question which i’m pretty stumped:

I’m using Verbatim 2x DVD-R General use.

Recently, I tried recording video using my Panasonic DVD writer with an entire Video_TS folder on my HDD with the latest version of Nero 6.

The DVD-R wouldn’t play well on my Asus 16x DVD drive and my Pioneer DVDROM drive. Both refused to read the DVD-R. But upon placing the disc back to the recorder which it was recorded from, it read the disc flawlessly.

Could it be settings / media problem?

I’ve got no issues with reading data recorded on the same brand of DVD-R.

What software are you using? Did you burn it as a DVD Video? Most dvd players or drives wont play a data dvd.

Perhaps more importantly, What type of DVD burner. I have the same problem with my liteon 832. I thought my reader LTD163 couldn’t read DVD-R disks, but then I remembered some a friend loaned me that worked. And I finally burnt one that reads in my player.

Of 6 DVD-R disks I burned so far. Only one is readable by my player (all the DVD+R read fine). Conclusion my lite on Burner sucks for DVD-R. These are expensive Maxell disks made in Japan too.