DVD-R Reading Problems with TS-H552U



Hi there,

I’ve had my comp for almost 2 months now, and i’ve run into a reoccuring problem. The TS-H552U doesn’t read dvd-r data discs, however it will play regular movie discs. When the disc is inserted it doesn’t even register as a disc, instead the icon changes to the one when a disc is inserted, and where it says type it sayd DVD drive. There is nothing wrong with the discs because they work on several other computers, however just not on mine. My other computer also has a similar samsung drive install but without the dvd recording function, i’ve also had it for the same amount of time.

also i am using the US06 firmware, and for some reason the read speed is set to 8.0x…i have no idea what is going on.

Has anyone else run into this problem or similar? and if so how did u fix it?




I’m having exactly the same problem. But it just started suddenly.
I’ve tried upgrading to version US07 but the problem still remains.