Dvd-r/+r vs. bitsetting to dvd-rom

I was wondering if you change the bit setting of a dvd+r to dvd-rom will it make it more compatible then dvd-r/+r and if you do change it to dvd-rom will it play with every dvd player or just most dvd players. :confused:

Changing booktype to ROM improve compatibility with MOST older standalone dvd player, but not all. To find more informations about this try this site. Here you can find users reporting about variuos brands of standalone players with compatibility regarding DVD + or - R/RW

Well whats the best one out of them dvd-r, dvd+r, or dvd+r with dvd-rom booktype.

The best way would be you test it with your media, personally iā€™d prefer +R with
Booktype setting!

I agree with rapid fire: the only way to assess best compatibility is try. Personally I was able to read a +R with booktype ROM on a old standalone that often refuses also -R discs.

There are not absolute statements. Such as on the same batch of discs there can be bad discs, so standalone player are different even if are of the same brand and model.