DVD+R/+R DL compat w/ DVD-ROM?



All of my DVD-ROM drives were made around 2001-2002.
Will they be compatible with DVD+R / DVD+R DL?

They are:
Toshiba SD-M1612
Pioneer DVD-116S (same as 106S but with tray instead of slot)
Sony DDU1621


If you’re set the booktype to dvd-rom for the +r/+r dl discs, you’ll get a
higher chance to read them. Also you could look for the latest firmwares for
your drives, sometimes there’s added read support for dvd-9! :wink:


How accurate is Nero’s Info-tool?

The reason I ask is because I’ve upgraded the firmware for each of my DVD-ROM drives except for the Toshiba SD-M1612 (can’t find it anywhere all the firmware sites are 404).

Nero’s Itool shows all of them incapable of reading DL DVD-/+, but they all can read DVD-R/-RW.
Only the Sony DDU1621 (Rev S4.2) can read DVD+R/+RW, but not DL.

Can I still record a DVD+R DL disc and read it using the older drives? Or are my chances of success significantly low?

Should I just upgrade all my current DVD-ROM drives to the latest units, or do something else? Or is Nero’s Itool full of horse puckey? Thanks


Hi :slight_smile:
I think you’ll find nero infotool reads the data of the drive & with older drives this gives what might look like inaccurate info ie: I had an old Toshiba DVDRom which nero claimed would not read DVD-R / DVD+R / DVDR/W or Ram All of which it would I guess manufacter’s sometimes give minimum data on drives compatability
with differing media
If you have bitsetting set -rom for DL when recording this will minimalize if not eliminate any incompatability problems